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Pastor Sean Brandow

Sean was born June 6, 1979, and adopted shortly after by Earnest and Sandra Brandow. Sean grew up in a ministry based home, his father working for CSSM Saskatchewan, and Bible Schools in both BC and Saskatchewan. Sean spent many years both attending and working at camps throughout Saskatchewan as cabin leader, speaker and program director. Most summers were dedicated to camp ministry as well as time spent working on farms, in the oilfield, and construction.

After completing 3 years at Millar College of the Bible earning a Bachelors in Biblical Studies he entered ministry during a 4th year Bachelor of Arts in Strategic Ministries internship program. This one year internship was dedicated to youth ministry in and AGC church in Maryfield, Saskatchewan. After completing his internship Sean took a position in Rhineland Christian Fellowship Church, where he served for 9 years as associate pastor, focussing on student ministries. While in Rhineland Sean taught Youth Ministry at Millar College of the Bible, (which he will continue to do), spoke regularly to youth at camps and other youth functions/conferences.

It was during his time in Rhineland that he met his wife Marsha (Cairns) was married (2004), and had two children there, Bo (born 2007) and Eli (born 2009); Quaid was born in Humboldt, May 2011. Their move to Humboldt opens a new chapter of ministry together as Pastor of the Humboldt Bible Church.

 Sean and his family have moved to Humboldt from Rhineland.

Pastor Sean has office hours at the church Tuesday to Friday 9 a.m. to noon.  Phone 682-4426 or 682-4943.