Who We Are

The Humboldt Bible Church was started through the initiative of local people along with the aid of the eight Fellowship of Evangelical Bible Churches (FEBC) in Saskatchewan and Alberta.

It is our desire to help meet the spiritual needs in our community.

We have recently achieved autonomy from the FEBC and a local Board of Elders will be assuming responsibility for the operations of our church.  Our new pastor, Sean Brandow started his ministry with us on October1, 2010.

 Sample ImageThe FEBC is a fellowship of 40 churches in North America, primarily in the Prairie Provinces and Great Plain States.  Its purpose is to provide a framework that will stimulate and enable member churches to be more effectively involved in evangelism, discipleship, church planting and world missions.  This is accomplished through interaction, joint service projects, mutual assistance, accountability and fellowship.Our members are individuals and families from all walks of life who enjoy fellowship around God's Word.  We welcome you to join us as we worship together.